Tree Pruning

Tree pruning is imperative for maintaining a trees correct structure and health. It is the removal of smaller limbs and foliage through areas of the tree that are visibly thicker and denser. Removing large limbs should try to be avoided wherever possible and smaller cuts are recommended, as it is important to keep the trees shape. Larger limb removal is done by using the 3 cut method thus minimising any unsightly tearing at the collar leaving the tree vulnerable to disease. It is also important to remove dead and damaged limbs as they become unstable and unsafe. Areas where two limbs rub against each other can create a wound leaving it vulnerable to disease and therefore should also be removed. Any limbs obstructing walkways, blocking views, rubbing on roofs, overhanging houses or threatening wires should all be removed. A tree pruned incorrectly may never recover and should be left to experienced professionals only. Pruning should try to be done during late autumn or early winter as the wounds made from the cutting will be less seseptable to insects, fungus and disease, which are less active at this time of the year. A good indication of time to prune is after the deciduous trees lose their leaves as this means the tree is dormant until early spring.

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